Consumers ​​​​​​​

Can access COUPONS created by listed businesses as easily as downloading the FREE app and "Subscribing​​​​​​​" to FacilityAXS.  ​​​​​​​


Entrepreneurs can setup and operate an independent delivery service in their local communities, while serving local businesses and creating employment opportunities for others. 

Can create and publish an unlimited number of COUPONS  that can be accessed by consumers anywhere in the world for less than $20 per YEAR. NO COMMISSIONS / NO MIDDLEMAN FEES



Customer Loyalty App

Created for businesses that want to reward their customers, the asx2Deals loyalty enables consumers to search for and find the products and services they seek.




axs2Deals Customer Loyalty App was Made for Businesses, Consumers and Entrepreneurs​​​​​​​

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Why Consumers Use the axs2Deals App

FREE App Download ... The axs2Deals Loyalty app is available for download on Apple and Android smart devices but only works with a subscription to FacilityAXS.​​​​​​​

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FREE Coupon Downloads ... Subscribers can download coupons from listed merchants directly from our coupon page.

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FREE Coupon Redemption ... Subscribers simply redeem their downloaded coupons upon arrival at the merchants' locations.​​ or when product is delivered​​​​​​​

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New Coupon Notifications ... As member-businesses post new coupons, they are automatically and simultaneously displayed on the App and on the axs2Deals Coupon Page.​​​​​​​

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No Hidden Fees ... As a service to their customers, businesses using axs2Deals pay a small monthly use-fee for the selected Marketing Plan. No commissions, fixed tips, or middleman fees to be passed on to their customers.​​​​​​

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FREE Subscription ... Consumers who subscribe to our app have FREE access to coupons offered by merchants listed in the FacilityAXS directory.​​​​​​​

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About axs2Deals Customer Loyalty app

The axs2Deals Customer Loyalty App enables businesses of all types and sizes to create and advertise their own coupons (e.g., DIY) that are simultaneously displayed on the axs2Deals app and the Coupon Streaming on the homepage at 

Because FacilityAXS is a localized business directory platform,  listed businesses can promote their products and services to consumers of different languages anywhere in the world, resulting in: 

  • Access to local and global audiences of new prospects, representing in  increased customer traffic potential and sales,
  • Easy [in the palm of their hands] access by consumers looking for the goods and services they offer, and
  • Opportunities for consumers to transact directly with businesses while on the go or from the comfort of their homes and offices, 24/7.  NO SALES COMMISSIONS / MIDDLEMAN FEES.